Weekend links

17 June 2016

This week's been a good one - I won a prize from my favourite store, went for two bone-chilling bike rides, made a batch of brownies and finally got a hair cut. This is a cosy edition of weekend links - things to make, eat and help you stay warm. Have a lovely weekend:

A chunky lambswool jumper (on sale too).

Fluffy yoghurt pancakes.

Weekend road trip inspiration.

Pom pom beanies - take your pick :)

I'm slowly making my way through the archives of Extraordinary Routines.

Grown-up brownies with a touch of sea salt.

Ordinary people in their favourite coats.

Pale pink lip balm.

Songs To Sleep To Vol. 4

A story I loved photographing.

And a fun way to follow the election campaign.

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