Tiny packages

30 June 2016

Last Friday after a full week of rain, I found this recipe for sunshine cookies in my letterbox from my friend Suze. Every now and then I'll receive a postcard from Suze, it's always a recipe, often one I've seen and liked on her Instagram feed.  Sometimes they arrive with hard-to-find ingredients, individually packaged and labelled.

I picked up a copy of Care Packages the other month by Michelle Mackintosh and it's filled with thoughtful suggestions for limiting the size and weight of things you send in the mail, without taking away any of your gift's goodness or thoughtfulness. It's a lovely creative challenge.

Here's a little package I put together for my sister who lives in Sydney. We text each other almost every day and I'd originally planned to send her my copy of Eligible, which is a huge book! When she read it on her Kindle, I decided to build a smaller care package around this  lip balm Bianca recommended, which I've only just started seeing in the shops.

I've also been inspired to write more letters after reading Monkey Grip. It was written in the late seventies and the characters constantly show up at each other's houses and leave each other notes in lieu of texts, emails or even phone calls. I loved reading their correspondence and it seemed to carry more weight are care. There was also this scene in Brooklyn.

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