Pretty new things

12 June 2016

I went shopping for winter clothes on Saturday and came home with a spotty scarf (on brief), a pepper grinder I've been admiring for ages and some bright wrapping paper. While I'm not so great at wearing colour, having a few colourful things around the house always makes things that little bit cheerier.

Clothes-wise I tried on lots of different things but didn't find anything that was hands-down great, and so I've decided to change my approach. Instead I'm going to save so the next time I see something I really love, I can buy it.

Also, I have a little goal in mind. I've never been camping (I came close last year only the weather got in the way) and would like to save for a little tent, so I can try out super short camping trips with Tony. I might practice here first to see if like it :)

I hope you're having a lovely long weekend. It's back to work for me on Monday but I've had a super relaxing weekend and am ready for it.

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