Lunch break escapes + other good things

02 June 2016

This morning I made a simple plan. I would leave my desk at one and walk up to the local shops to buy the latest issue of Lunch Lady. And I stuck to it. I listened to music, saw the sky and breathed in the fresh winter air. I found my magazine, bought myself a yummy (pay day) lunch and called my friend Marina on my way back to the office.

For the last little while, I've been paying close attention to the small things that help make any day nicer. Here's the list so far:

Clean hair

Leftovers for lunch (or dinner)

A lunch break spent outside

A made up bed (so I can flop on it after work)

Chocolate macadamia moon balls

A nighttime bath

Listening to podcasts (while I get ready for work, on lunch breaks, while cooking and taking the aforementioned bath)

Coffee out

Baking for no reason

Favourite songs

Checking in with my sister

Present planning

Are there tiny things you look forward to, or do to make sure every week is a good one?

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