A face sunscreen that's just right

19 June 2016

I have lots of excuses for not wearing sunscreen - like being in the office all day or not wanting an extra layer of stuff on my face. But I persevere, especially when I'm riding my bike or spending a day working outside.

In summer I wear Invisible Zinc because it feels extra hardy against the harsh Australian sun but when that ran out, I decided to try this sunscreen from Mecca Cosmetica. It was recommended to me when I last had my brows done.

Turns out it's really good. It's the first face sunscreen that I've had that smells lovely and feels like a normal moisturiser so I'm extra motivated to put it on. A few things - it's expensive abut I've found that a tiny bit goes a long way. It also comes out looking tinted but it's actually not coloured at all.

I'm still on the hunt for a great sunscreen for my body - so if you know one, sing out. This summer I made do with a tube of Aldi sunscreen that was always in my handbag. After a few uses, I worked out that it made me smell like a swamp so it might not get another run next year.

P.S - Other everyday favourites include Go-To Skincare's Daily Essentials, Shu Uemera's eyelash curler (for looking just that little bit more awake) and Nivea's Soft Rose lip balm.

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