Winter reading stack

31 May 2016

The stack grew accidentally. Books were bought, borrowed from friends and checked out of the library. Then they were scattered around the house - on coffee tables, beneath the bed, stashed hopefully in handbags.

Stacked neatly I can see that I have  enough books to get me through winter. The three I'm reading right this minute:

Care Packages by Michelle Mackintosh 
This book is beautiful - with pastel coloured pages and super cute layouts. Best of all, it has a sweet philosophy on gift giving and caring for the people around you.

Not That Kind of Girl by Lena Dunham 
Because the last season of Girls was great and over far too quickly. If you've seen Girls and Tiny Furniture, you'll be able to recognise a number of real-life experiences that were turned into storylines and characters.

My Kitchen Year by Ruth Reichl
This cookbook reads like a book, so much so that I've been reading bits before bed. Here's the podcast that made me sure I wanted to own it. As a cookbook, every recipe I've tried so far has been delicious and genuinely enjoyable to make.

And because the stack has gotten quite big, I figure that another book or so won't hurt. I have my eye on the latest Don DeLillo and can't wait to pick up the third issue of Lunch Lady magazine. I've also reserved Helen Garner's Everywhere I Look from the library as an audiobook. It should be excellent, Helen reads it herself.

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