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28 May 2016

Tony and I are both home this weekend and I'm excited to make my favourite pizza and plant a few new things for winter. On Sunday our friends are having us round for pancakes and I'll be making a novelty birthday cake for a friend at work, starting with this giant chocolate cake as a base. Should be fun! Have a lovely weekend.

A new book on my favourite subject - care packages.

French toast for one or two.

Show the girls the snakes - brilliant radio from The Kitchen Sisters.

Go where you are loved.

From Vietnam to Bowral by my friend Sean (make sure you click on the audio).

Super cool Paris travel diary.

An inspiring podcast with children's picture book author Oliver Jeffers (inside a very cool blog).

Speaking of Oliver Jeffers, I would love to give this book to a little person.

And I finally found a perfectly sized (and priced) mini speaker for listening to podcasts at home (and by found I mean I copied my sister - some things never change).

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