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13 May 2016

Do you have any plans for the weekend? I had a big week at work and am hoping to do as little as possible for the next few days. So far my plans include baking some cookies for my sister, packing my bag for Sydney and catching up with friends for dinner. There's also a slow-cooked spaghetti bolognese that I'm going to try out. Here are a few things to share:

Sunday morning in Paris.

A quick broccoli soup.

'Not another girl in a shift dress' = super cool work wear.

Pretty rugs.

I emailed Tony this tortellini recipe and he made it for dinner twice this week.

Being a surrogate for a friend.

Good looking chocolate.

Secretly fleecy yoga pants.

Doctored instant ramen.

This podcast series about making with artist Ben Quilty and composer Andrew Ford that my friend Vanessa recommended.

I made this podcast for work.

And I've shared this here before but I just wanted to remind everyone that it's lemon delicious season :)

Have a lovely weekend.

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