Two after work projects

24 May 2016

Being on holidays always gives me a creative boost and I came home from Sydney excited to start a few small projects to break up the routine of full-time work. It's early days but here's what's in the works:

A sourdough starter from scratch

Up until now I haven't felt brave enough to make my own starter or home for long enough for it to develop - it's a 21 day process. But for some reason, this week just feels right. On Monday I rode to the fancy organic shop after work to pick up my supplies - organic sultanas and flour. Tony bought the muslin cloth and I'm using a recipe from this book. I've just mixed up the starter and I'll know if it's worked in a week or so.

The Photo School

Last night I wasn't sure if I had the energy to start an online course but within minutes, I was scribbling down notes, doodling diagrams (and clouds with faces) and learning simple but very important  techniques from this course. It was developed in part by Kate Berry of LunchLady, whose photos I adore. If you're interested, it's on sale :)

P.S I've been experimenting with Snapchat this week and so far it's been really fun. If you're interested, I'm posting little updates of my side projects most days under sonya.gee

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