Neighbourhood date night

19 May 2016

Last year when Tony was on an art school residency in Canberra, I would drive up to see him on Thursday afternoons and stay for a couple of nights. It was a good excuse to visit a city and the change of scenery was good for the soul.

Because we spent a good chunk of last year apart, Tony and I always treated ourselves to a meal out on Thursday nights. It was a fun way to explore different parts of the city and sample food that was hard to come by in Wagga Wagga.

Now that we live in Canberra we've kept up the tradition, partly because Thursday is the almost-there day of the week that feels worthy of a little celebration. Plus it's a fun way to explore different suburbs in our new city.

The other night we went on a neighbourhood date in Braddon, which is a suburb between our two offices. We had drinks at a microbrewery and walked over to one of our favourite cafes, which is open for dinner one night every few weeks.

We sat in the front window, ordered all of the sides and tucked into to very delicious chicken burgers. And there was just enough room for a gelato dessert. It was really fun to try out a few new places in one night. Next up, I'm keen to explore Dickson.

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