Family WhatsApp

04 May 2016

How does your family stay in touch during the week? My family is hilarious on WhatsApp, exchanging photos and funny stories throughout the day. Being the only one living outside of Sydney, I'm grateful.

I can't remember how it started or who set it up but everyone in my immediate family is part of a group chat. It's been especially exciting this past week because my sister has just had a baby. I've been checking constantly to see if anyone's posted new photos.

Having left Sydney over five years ago I've emailed, called and Skyped in-between visits but the family Whatsapp has been the easiest way to stay up-to-date with what everyone is up to. It's also the only form of social media everyone feels comfortable with because everything we share is just between us.

My favourite part? Everyone shares tiny things that might never qualify for an email or a phone call. Things like - 'Check out my plant's new leaf' or 'Look at where I am for work today.' Put together, they give me a far richer idea of what makes up everyone's day to day lives.

The photo above is the most recent thing I shared - a crunchy path I encountered on my ride to work this morning. My family reports back that it's still summer in Sydney.

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