Aunt life: Moving in

11 May 2016

Next week I'm catching the bus to Sydney and moving in with my sister and her family for a week. It'll be the first time I meet my nephew, who is two weeks old today. The plan is to help out around the house and mind my two-year-old niece as my brother-in-law heads back to work.

I'll be bringing a big jar of cookies (these ones feel extra special) and so many little gifts for my niece - a miniature bed for her favourite toy, pink pug socks from my friend Sally, a new book (most likely this one) and Peppa Pig cookie mix.

We were living in Wagga Wagga when my niece was born, and this time round I'm feeling lucky to be living just that little bit closer. I'm looking forward to holding my nephew for the first time, chatting to my sister and cooking for the family when I get the chance.

P.S The last time I stayed at my sister's place was for my hen's party, and I bought my sister, niece and I matching pyjamas for the occasion :)

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