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02 April 2016

This week has been all about staying cosy. I made porridge, pulled out my winter gear and kept exercise to a minimum. Some weeks are meant to be slow :) This weekend we just have tiny things planned - a trip down the road to check out the new ice cream shop and a few little jobs around the house. Here are a few things to help your weekend along:

The prettiest LA food tour.

The sweet history of the annual White House Easter egg roll.

This chat with chef David Chang that covered everything from how Momofuku started out to his very genuine concerns about food sustainability and being a bully via Lee Tran Lam who just interviewed the man himself.

Signing up for this.

Have you seen this Michael Jackson documentary? It was on TV the other night and is eerily compelling.

Leigh Sales and Annabel Crabb have a new series on iView. I haven't had a chance to watch it yet but the e-newsletter is awesome via Jessica.

And this banana and date cake, which was a joy to make and eat :)

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