This year's apple pie

14 April 2016

A couple of years ago I made an apple pie from scratch. It was autumn and it made me feel excited about some of the smaller things that mark the change of season, from the prettiness of fallen leaves to being able to wear my favourite scarf again.

I'd love for it to become an annual ritual only the two times I've made a pie, I've been blown away by how much time it takes. Here's a look at my last pie, a classic apple pie that came out of the oven looking a little freaky.

This year I decided to make a blushing apple pie from a cool Brooklyn pie shop that's owned and run by two sisters. I'd heard about the bakery before (sadly long after our New York honeymoon) and stumbled across the recipe in a stack of Cherry Bombe magazines that my sister-in-law gave me at Easter.

It had two surprise ingredients - half a beetroot and a dash of Angostura bitters - and it made my whole apartment smell like jam. I felt so proud pulling it out of the oven, even if my pie sealing skills need a little work.

I'm not sure if I have another pie in me this season but if I can muster the energy this salted caramel apple pie is next on my list.

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