The all-in-one to do list

06 April 2016

Here's an idea I pinched from Tony that's really working for me. Instead of a daily or themed to do lists, I'm chucking everything into one long list. And I'm crossing things off too!

For the last few months Tony's been carrying around a biggish journal where he's been writing down everything he needs to get done - big and small - in one long list. I normally jot things down in my phone as they come to me or think that I'll remember to do certain things naturally (!), so my list is somewhat scattered.

I decided to give Tony's method a try and got so much done in the first week. I still keep my work to do list separate but now have a skinny notebook that's always on me to capture everything else.

Here are a few things that are currently on my list:

Drop a few bags off at the op shop
Buy and send my Dad a birthday present
Assemble the doll's bed I bought for my niece
Change my address with a few places I missed when we moved

P.S My to do notebook is from here. It has a polka dot cover :)

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