Mini house tour

10 April 2016

When we moved to Canberra we had a few frantic days to unpack before we both started work. Over Easter we had time to really sort things out and our little place is feeling just about done. Here's a little look:

There were lots of things about this place that we loved right away - the two big balconies, the exposed brick walls and the storage room was a big plus too. When we moved in we discovered a few nails in the wall, which meant we could hang a few paintings right away. Tony bought the Mason Kimber painting that hangs above our dining table and the painting of the little girl is one of Tony's that was given to me for my 30th birthday.

One of the funniest things about our place is that there are no windows - just giant sliding doors at either end of the house that open onto balconies. We still get plenty of light but I'll have to be a bit more creative when it comes to finding spots for pot plants. 

We've gone from living in a two-storey townhouse to a two bedroom apartment, and space wise we're going okay. We did a big clean out while we were packing and another tidy up over Easter and are keeping things pretty simple. The biggest change (for me) has been getting used to cooking in a smaller kitchen with a temperamental oven. That said we ended up with a walk-in pantry :)

Up until now, the places Tony and I have rented have felt temporary. Work-wise we didn't know how long we planned to be in one place and a lot of the things we owned had been given to us or leftover from share houses. I'd always assumed that if we wanted to make our home better we'd need a good sum of money to buy new things and start afresh.

I recently finished this book and it made me see that building a home happens slowly and thoughtfully. So right now it's more about the pot of soup simmering away on the stove than finding a dining table we'll keep forever, and that's a really satisfying feeling.

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