Aunt life: Buying the winter jumper

28 April 2016

I have a special nephew, my friend Vanessa's son, and this year I chose a thick woollen jumper to keep him warm this winter. It's a new tradition that started accidentally.

Soon after he was born, I stumbled across some hand knitted jumpers at a church hall in Blackheath. I bought a pale purple cardigan for my niece and a striped jumper for my special nephew. The following year my friend Sean bought the winter jumper, and this year I figured it must be my turn again :)

Tony helped me pick this one out, we made a day of it and he made sure I invested in something super warm - and not a cotton jumper with the cute animal face printed on the front. This one looks a little nordic, and I'm looking forward to hearing what he gets up to in it.

I love the idea of buying one special and practical thing and I have a feeling this tradition is going to continue for years.

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