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14 March 2016

When I lived in Wagga Wagga I ran into Kate Allman pretty often - in the supermarket, at gallery openings, going for walks - and she always looked cool and confident. Kate is super friendly and a talented writer too, and today the 25-year-old gives us a peek inside her wardrobe, which features everything from babydoll dresses to boyfriend jeans.

First up, what do you get up to in a typical week?

I recently started a Masters degree in Information Studies, so during the week I study and work at Eastern Riverina Arts, Wagga Wagga Art Gallery and Charles Sturt University. In my downtime I like to take a walk and visit the neighbourhood pets, co-edit Salad Days zine and watch Broad City.

How would you describe your everyday style?

My everyday style is a balance between masculine and feminine. Some days I like wearing a baby doll dress and others boyfriend jeans or tailored pants and a button-up shirt. It is really dependent on how much time I give myself in the mornings to get dressed. Usually, I wear jeans, a t-shirt and my favourite jewellery.

What would you say your style is most influenced by?

I like to experiment and pull inspiration from all eras, movements and icons. That said, I have a long list of style icons from Willow Smith to David Bowie. A BeyoncĂ© calendar hangs above my dresser so I think about her a lot when I am getting dressed – I love how she mixes it up and constantly reinvents her look. I also love Rihanna and how she plays with masculine/feminine, one day she is head-to-toe in crystals and the next she is in an oversized sports jersey and Timberland boots. Jean Seberg, Kim Gordon, Annie Clark and Kurt Cobain are big ones too.

What are your favourite items at the moment?

I wear a gold choker from YCL Jewels just about every day. I love my new pair of black cigarette pants too – they can be dressed up or down and are versatile with the masculine/feminine thing.

I'd love to know how you shop?

I used to shop a lot around town i.e. Cotton On, Myer and op shops, but now I usually buy online or wait until I am in one of the big cities. I have that problem where I buy something because it looks awesome or I like a particular detail, not because it is practical and something I will actually wear. I am working on that.

You grew up in Wilmington in the US and now live in Wagga Wagga - I'm really curious to know whether your style has changed much because of the move, and what you've noticed about Australian style.

I think my style has changed a bit. Wilmington style is pretty funky. There are a lot of independent designers and shops at home that contribute to the town’s culture – my favourite shop is Edge of Urge

I have been in Wagga for nearly three years and as my life got busier I geared my style more towards comfort. I think Australian style is pretty laid back and incorporates elements of minimalism and sophisticated sportswear. I really like that. I don’t think I would have ever worn a plain black t-shirt a few years ago, so I am enjoying a more minimal look, but with funky bits here and there.

I loved the bridesmaids dress you wore to your sister’s wedding, can you tell me about it?

That dress was actually one of three choices. I had a long one and a shorter one, but I went with the knee length because I liked the way it moved. Funny story, I will never forget wearing that dress because I ended up in the bathroom for about 15 minutes of the wedding while the mother of the groom sewed me into it after the zipper broke! It was fine though, we had some good bonding time and the dress was as good as new.

What's your approach to hair and make-up?

I wish I knew how to do my make-up better. My daily make-up routine is moisturizer and BB cream, maybe some mascara if I remember. I love lipstick, but I think I collect it more than I wear it – I am a sucker for packaging. I am growing my hair out at the moment, so it is a bit awkward. I usually keep my hair messy, but now that it is a bit longer I like slicking it down and experimenting with that look.

What about accessories, like jewellery, bags and hats?

I usually wear rings and earrings. I love adding pops of turquoise to most of my outfits and I like wearing bangles. If it jingles when I walk, I like it. I am getting more into hats and looking forward to cold weather so I can wear beanies. I am not that crazy about bags yet, if it fits all of my crap then I am into it!

I'd love to know what you'd wear in the following scenarios - to work, to a wedding and to Sunday drinks.

To work, boyfriend jeans, a tailored button-up shirt, a few jewels to liven things up, sneakers and a red lip. To a wedding either a maxi dress with lots of jewellery or a tuxedo, heels and a red lip. And to Sunday drinks, high waisted skirt/jeans, basic tank top, big earrings and a pink lip.

Thank you Kate! You can find her on Instagram and Twitter. She's also one half of Salad Days, a seasonal zine she produces with her friend Adele Packer. And Kate writes film reviews too.

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