Real Girl Wardrobes - Christina Gee

29 March 2016

Christina is my sister-in-law and I remember liking her right off the bat. She’s warm, enthusiastic and very well read. She's not afraid to wear something bold (she wore an amazing pair of yellow pants to my wedding) and she always looks comfortable in her own skin. Today Chris shares what survived a recent wardrobe clean out and a very cool style mantra that leaves plenty of time for reading.

First up can you share what you get up to in a typical week?

I spend most of my time working in an office as the editorial co-ordinator at Australian House & Garden magazine. Half the time I'm running around with boxes of furniture and homewares and the other half I'm glued to my chair bashing out copy before deadline. Nights are pretty quiet. Sometimes my husband and I go out for pizza. Occasionally we go really crazy and get onto a second glass of wine and even watch half a movie :) On weekends I like to go to the beach, drink coffee and read homes magazines and novels on my bed. 

How would you describe your everyday style?

Pretty classic, with a tiny bit of vintage and bits of colour here and there. Navy blue is king. 

I'd love to know what your style is influenced by - whether it's music, where you live, art or anyone in particular?

I adore reading different types of novels and magazines - sometimes it doesn't feel like there's enough time for it all. I think if anything the fact that my clothes are pretty simple reflects my desire to move through and enjoy lots of different aesthetics.  

You just did a major spring clean of your wardrobe - what did you discover?

That keeping the clothes that truly make you happy is so important. It's your body after all, so why would you put anything on it that you don't truly love? Less clothes = less decisions which is also great. I can't remember where I got this from but I agree with the phrase that states 'style is repetition'. 

I'd love to know how you shop, and where you love to go.

I don't shop a lot actually! Mentally going through my closet I can think of items I have from Zara, Incu, Life with Bird, Muji, Witchery, APC and The Corner Store. A couple of things are vintage and some are random brands from overseas. I really don't like Westfield. 

Are there items you find yourself buying over and over again? For me, it's a very particular kind of silhouette... and drop crotched pants. 

I just realised I have six white shirts and two shirts with horizontal stripes. 

I'll never forget seeing you in your wedding dress, it was such an emotional moment for my entire family. Can you tell me about designing it and what it was like to wear?

Ball gowns are FUN to wear. I always knew I wanted a big fluffy dress with a bit of a ballet feel to it. I knew it would have to have sleeves, a big tulle skirt, and a deep dip at the back and I was lucky enough to be introduced to someone who could make it for me. The seamstress was an older lady named Lorna. 

You should have seen the dress close up, her workmanship was heartbreakingly beautiful. All the seams on the neckline and sleeves were hand-rolled - imagine a someone in their seventies doing that for you. She basically came out of retirement to make that dress! The thing that blows me away was that she wasn't going to let one thing about that dress fall to chance - she showed up on the day of the wedding to dress me herself and make sure it all sat properly. If that's not a lesson in old-fashioned diligence I don't know what is.        

What's your approach to hair and make-up?

Over summer I don't style my hair, I like it long and frizzy but I do use lots of masks and serums to keep it healthy. When it gets cold I like to blow dry it smooth sometimes. I've also worked out a daily makeup routine that does not change at all! Bronzer, concealer, mascara, fix up my brows a bit and that's it. I like to do red lips at night :) 

I'd also love to know about accessories - sunnies, scarves, hats and the all-important handbag.

I have one pair of sunnies that I bought four years ago in Paris they are a re-release of a 1987 style and I never want to buy another pair again because I love them. In winter I love big big scarves. Two of my favourites are from Muji and the other one my mum knitted for me. I went through a vintage phase where I had tons of silk scarves but they didn't survive the clean out. I don't have any hats at the moment but I wouldn't say no to an Akubra. My favourite handbag is the snakeskin one that belonged to my grandmother. It was custom made for her (it had matching shoes with it!). My grandma was one of the people who taught me how important quality (and navy blue) are. I also have her watch and it's pretty much my favourite thing that I own.   

Finally, I'd love to know what you'd wear in the following scenarios: 

To work: Navy blue trousers, a white shirt, grandma's watch and fringe loafers. 

To a wedding: My black dress - I always wear it to special events. 

And on a lazy Sunday: My husband's track pants and a white tee, accessorised with a slice of toast.  

Thanks Chris! And while we're on the subject of great magazines, Christina has introduced me to so many I love, like Cherry Bombe and The Reader. 

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