Picnic for one

31 March 2016

One Friday night on our way to dinner, Tony and I passed a girl setting up for a picnic by herself. She had a towel, some fancy chips and a book and she was still there when we passed the same spot on our way home. I love organising picnics for friends but I was curious to try a solo picnic. It might sound a little lonely but it's actually super relaxing.

On Easter Sunday I packed a thermos of tea, some Easter eggs and a new book and walked down to the lake. Away from my computer and things about the house that I'm very good at fussing with, I drank tea, read and people-watched in the sun. I'll definitely do it again, next time I'm home alone or need a little time to myself.

P.S I'm reading Erin's book Simple Matters and am loving it.

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