Hanging out with a two-year-old

16 March 2016

Late last week my sister texted with the best news - she had made a snap decision to come to Canberra for the weekend. I was so excited about seeing her and my niece and I started to plan a few fun things we could do together, and I got some great advice from a guy at work.

Go out for donuts and milkshakes, he said, it was something his kids loved.

Before this, I was thinking about taking my niece to Questacon or finding out what kid's programs were on at the galleries around town - things she might still be a little bit young for, and things that might clash with her nap times.

His advice reminded me to keep things really simple. One of the highlights was picking strawberries off our plant at home. My niece understood it immediately and had such a fun time picking them off one by one (only one got squished!). I loved watching her carry them inside so carefully, and hand them out to everyone in the room.

Putting a few early autumn leaves into my bike basket while we waited for our breakfast at a cafe was a huge hit too, as was playing make-believe with a few small toys I had at home. Her imagination astounds me. And one lovely thing - we had my sister's family around for dinner on Friday night and at one point my niece said out of the blue - 'Sonya, I love you.'

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