A very beautiful plant book

23 March 2016

I've been visiting Indoor Green, Living with Plants at my local bookstore for weeks now, and I have a feeling it's going to come home with me very soon.

Written by Bree Claffley (who also owns the beautiful Melbourne homewares store Mr Kitly) it features interviews with indoor plant lovers from around the world and photographs of their homes. Especially useful to a novice like me is the guide to common (and elusive) house plants and how to care for them that's at the back of the book.

Since we moved, I've had some success with a balcony garden and I'm slowly starting to add a few plants inside our apartment. So far we have a few cacti and a Monstera fruit salad plant that just keeps sprouting new leaves. One day I'd love to have a plant in every room of the house - just like Dev in Master of None :)

Photos from the book by Lauren Bamford.

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