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20 March 2016

Are you listening to anything great at the moment? My sister put me onto The Sporkful the other week and I am obsessed. It's a fun food podcast for anybody who loves to eat and it has the best tagline - 'It's not for foodies, it's for eaters.'

So far I've listened an episode about pho that covered everything from home to pronounce it and how best to eat it (not drowned in sauce and each element kind of separately - which really surprised me) and the host, Dan Pashman, is so enthusiastic, empathetic and funny.

Parts of the show go into the science of eating something for maximum taste (!) and while that might sound nerdy, the show is entertaining as it is informative. It's very earnest too. Another episode I really enjoyed (and admired) focussed on dining out in a wheelchair. And my sister made sure I heard this Serial send-up (knowing that I'm not really a fan).

P.S - I just listened to this episode of Burnt Toast that about lunch breaks done well and and how to salvage leftovers in the most insane/delicious ways.

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