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26 February 2016

What's in store for you this weekend? I'll be thinking of a content little boy who is celebrating his first birthday back in Wagga Wagga. Tony's working a bit this weekend, so I'm planning to do a few fun things on my own, like make burger buns and go for a swim. Here are a few good things:

How to work better.

This brilliant episode of Sampler via Brittany, which makes me want to check out this hilarious sounding podcast.

Burgers here please.

Love this button up shirt.

Cheat's salted caramel frosting - add a few tablespoons of this to a batch of buttercream icing and voila.

Have you seen #bookfacefriday?

And if I'm very lucky, the latest issue of Cherry Bombe will arrive just in time for the weekend.

See you next week :)

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