Earthing down

11 February 2016

I've graduated from succulents, and it's exciting. I never thought I'd write about gardening but here goes.

When Tony and I moved to Canberra, our friends Sophie and Tim gave us three plants for our new apartment. On moving day, nothing felt nicer than putting them out on the balcony. The place immediately felt a little more lived in.

We had a tiny tomato plant, a strawberry plant and some herbs (thyme and basil) and have since added parsley, coriander, a fruit salad plant (!) and some mint. Everything is growing really happily and we've been able to cook with things too. Our tomato plant is like a beanstalk, it's huge and new tomatoes appear every day, which is super exciting.

So far having a few edible pot plants has been manageable and really encouraging too. I love tending to them as soon as I come home from work. It's lovely to be outside for a little while and notice what's changed. My friend Sophie calls this earthing down.

Next on my list is a dwarf lemon tree. We bought one right after we got engaged a few years ago, but couldn't work out who was doing what, so it died!

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