A really fun food show

22 February 2016

We started watching The Mind of a Chef on the weekend, and it's already gotten me out of my cooking rut. The show actually started in 2013 (!) but that was before we had Netflix, so now we're playing catch up :)

David Chang of Momofuku is the chef at the centre of the first season, which is perfect because I love his approach to cooking and eating, and am a big fan of Lucky Peach as a twist on what you'd expect a food magazine to be. The last issue I read had a multi-page spread about a smoked salmon and cream cheese bagel that detailed how each element was made, and it was amazing. We also tried nearly all of his restaurants on our New York honeymoon.

We're only a few episodes in and so far each one focuses on something super specific - from a whole episode on ramen, to another on pork. It's part travel show, part cooking show (there are some zany creations) and it's nerdy in parts too - they bring in scientists to explain some of the chemistry that goes into making really delicious food.

After a few weeks of not knowing what to make for dinner and readjusting to city life, the sheer creativity of the show has made me really excited about getting back in the kitchen and trying out a bunch of new recipes.

P.S My favourite cookbooks from 2015 and two more great food magazines.

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