My new lunchtime ritual

13 January 2016

I've been so hungry since I've gone back to work, my poor brain is still adjusting. But hunger aside, I've started a new ritual for work day lunch breaks. It's super simple - I try to read for half an hour, and something that isn't on a screen.
Currently I'm reading old Harper's magazines from late last year (it takes me 2-3 lunch breaks to finish a feature article!) and the breakfast issue of Lucky Peach. I was also lucky enough to receive two really interesting subscriptions as gifts recently.

For Christmas my friend Vanessa sent me a subscription to The Canary Press, an Australian quarterly that publishes short new fiction. It's perfect for little bursts of time, like before bed or during lunch. It's super satisfying to start and finish something in one sitting.

My brother Derrick and his wife Christina (who put me onto some great new magazines - Cherry Bombe, The Gentlewoman, Kinfolk when it first came out) signed me up to receive The Happy Reader for my birthday last year. It is the best cross between a book and a magazine and is beautifully laid out. I loved the first issue I received so much that when I stumbled across a few back issues in Melbourne, I snapped them up.

One other little thing I'm trying - lunches that aren't sandwiches. It's a tiny bit more work to make a batch of muffins or a tart, but it makes me look forward to my lunch break even more than I normally do. Plus it means I'm not messing around trying to make a sandwich every morning.

P.S - How cute are the candy coloured chairs in my break room?

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