A sweet book for soon-to-be big sisters

24 January 2016

Someone I know is going to be a big sister this year, and I happened to stumble across this book just in time. The little girl in it reminds me of my niece and all of the things she likes to do so exactly, making it touching and real.

It's been such a hit that I have my eye on two other books in the series, one about feelings and another about being courageous. I really admire books (and parents!) who can explain big and confusing concepts - like emotions - to little kids in a way that's relatable and fun.

Did you have a book like this when you were a kid? I remember having a copy of Freya's Fantastic Surprise when I was in primary school. And I still remember the day my brother was born. I ran into the hallway and screamed everyone awake when I realised my mum wasn't home!


  1. I cried when my littlest brother was born, because I wanted a sister! I like him now....

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only person who has a memory like that! Glad you've patched things up ;)