Aziz Ansari on love and text

31 January 2016

On the weekend Tony and I finished watching Master of None, and while I wait to see if there will be another season (fingers crossed!), I'm getting stuck into Aziz Ansari's first book, Modern Romance: An Investigation.

I first heard about it in this hilarious This American Life segment, Romancing the Phone. Part stand-up, part real-life investigation, it's an intriguing look at the role of texting in dating today. 

I picked up the book this morning and am already hooked. Even though I haven't dated for years and years, flipping through it reminded me of how fun - and torturous - texting can feel if you really like someone and they don't message you back. 

There's an audiobook, which Aziz Ansari narrates himself (super funny teaser here), and I was really tempted to listen to it but the book has photos, funny text interactions like they'd appear on a phone, and charts too - it is a non-fiction book after all ;)

I also stumbled across this back issue of The Happy Reader, which has a great profile and Aziz's summer reading list. Super fan much?

P.S - Another awesome author read audiobook is Jon Ronson's So You've Been Publicly Shamed.

Weekend links

28 January 2016

Happy almost-weekend! How was your week? Mine's been jam packed (here's why), and I'm looking forward to some chill time on the weekend. It's going to rain, which means we'll be watching this Bill Murray Christmas special and maybe seeing Carol too. I'd better make some choc chip cookies :)

The happiest new mug.

The perfect snow day.

No fail crepes.

A cheat's guide to podcasts.

A not-too-big batch of granola.

A very interesting interview with Serial host Sarah Koenig.

It's a little late but I'm loving Master of None (thanks Vanessa!), especially how it handles race.

Have a lovely weekend.

Awesome tea towel

27 January 2016

I was on my lunch break the other day, looking for something I'd seen in Melbourne for a friend. Then I stumbled across this tea towel. Isn't it great? It's a David Shrigley design, and part of a series that features a few of my favourite artists.

It's a little pricey but I love the idea of it cheering up the kitchen in our new place, which has its good points (pale pink tiles!)... and brown marble lino.

Hope you're having a good week. It's been so rainy here, it's good weather for baking brownies :)

A sweet book for soon-to-be big sisters

24 January 2016

Someone I know is going to be a big sister this year, and I happened to stumble across this book just in time. The little girl in it reminds me of my niece and all of the things she likes to do so exactly, making it touching and real.

Weekend links

22 January 2016

What's on for you this weekend? I'm looking forward to creamy mushroom pasta (Tony's cooking!) and sleeping in. My mid-week triumph was making honey jumbles for the office bake off - they looked so cute :) Have a lovely weekend.

Loved this - how to live in a small space.

Summer dinner inspiration.

Ahem, activewear.

The new Coen brothers movie looks so good.

And I finally found a yoga app that I actually like.

Real Girl Wardrobes - Bianca Levins

21 January 2016

One of my favourite series is back. Bianca Levins is on her way to becoming a primary school teacher and has the cutest two-year-old son. Her style is relaxed and fun, and she always looks really happy. Today she shares some of her favourite brands, what she wears in the classroom and the scarf she rarely leaves home never without.

How to prep for a job interview

19 January 2016

Last year when I was job hunting, my friend Maayan shared a simple tip to help me prepare for an upcoming interview. It'd be great for job appraisals too.

Weekend links

15 January 2016

Hooray for the weekend! We're hopping in the car super early tomorrow for a quick trip to Wagga Wagga. It's been a couple of months since we moved (!) so it'll be great to catch up with friends and see if anything's changed in town ;) Hope you have some fun things planned. Here are a few highlights from this week:

A sweet David Bowie tribute.

Airbnb envy.

Love this series, featuring everyone from Jerry Seinfeld to Tavi Gevinson.

Were you this cool at 22?!

Me, earlier this week.

I just discovered Prosecco (thanks Mel!) so this cocktail looks pretty good.

And on my to-listen list for this weekend.

My new lunchtime ritual

13 January 2016

I've been so hungry since I've gone back to work, my poor brain is still adjusting. But hunger aside, I've started a new ritual for work day lunch breaks. It's super simple - I try to read for half an hour, and something that isn't on a screen.

Melbourne long weekend

11 January 2016

Hello again :) Are you still in holiday mode? I am! I went back to work last week but it was a short one because we flew to Melbourne for a friend's wedding and happened to find the very best donuts while we were there. Here's a super quick recap:

Melbourne has so many great cafes. First stop was Duke's Coffee Roasters, we also visited Little Rogue and my favourite - All Day Donuts.

We stayed in a fancy hotel (it was cheaper than Airbnb!) and I bought a new dress for the wedding that wasn't black :) Here's a snap of the stunning couple who were relaxed and generous hosts.

We squeezed in a quick stop at the National Gallery of Victoria before it was time to fly home - the Andy Warhol and Ai Weiwei show was packed and I especially liked this exhibition and the few David Shrigley paintings we saw. A sneaky tip - gallery cloak rooms are really handy places to leave your luggage.

And a small revelation - I wore Nikes for the whole trip (minus the wedding) and it made the world of difference. It meant we could explore on foot (we walked for 15 kilometres one night, from Brunswick back to the city and then to South Wharf) and I didn't get grumpy once.

It's so lovely to be blogging again, I'll catch you later this week :)

Weekend links

02 January 2016

Happy New Year! I hope you had fun whatever you got up to. We walked down to the lake to watch the midnight fireworks (so tiny compared to Sydney!) and I made a giant cheesecake for us to eat afterwards. Here are a few fun things I've been enjoying in the quiet days since:

A Donald Trump story that will make you laugh.

Bread Face - easily the weirdest thing I saw online in 2015 via Derrick.

A funny illustrated guide to being a better person (Step 1 - wear comfortable underwear!).

Ordering this.

I finally caught up on this incredible documentary series. It's a tough watch but so important.

A great podcast about relationships, careers and compromise.

Obama and Seinfeld.

And 100 guilt free resolutions via Ebony.