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11 December 2015

How are you travelling this week? Lately my mind has been buzzing with all the things I want to achieve both at work and home, and then I received some really sad news. This week my friend Erina passed away suddenly.

Erina was funny and loud and thoughtful too. When we worked together she showed me all of the best places to get lunch and later encouraged me to move to Wagga Wagga when a great job came up. She used to try and patronise the cafes in her neighbourhood equally so they would all still exist. I will miss her dearly.

When I found out that she was in hospital, things snapped into focus immediately. It was a painful reminder to be kind to yourself and others, always. Have a good weekend, have a relaxing weekend and if you can, don't sweat the small stuff.

The joy of missing out :)

A fascinating archive of photos deemed too hard to keep.

A new way to receive parcels. Tried it this week and now I'm obsessed!

The easy summer dessert I make every year.

Have you seen Away From Her? I just finished reading the short story that inspired the screenplay.

The quickest dinner.

And my favourite Christmas gift guide.

Photo by Sophie Joyce.

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