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10 December 2015

My friend Irini is generous, stylish and has a knack for putting people at ease. She spends her days at a media agency in Sydney, where she's the head of production and lately she's been busy setting up her new home. Today the 30-year-old she shares some of the daring ensembles she's worn to work, the one thing she'll never wear, and her trick for looking great in photos.

How would you describe your everyday style?

I very much dress depending on who I want to be on any given day. That can range from Stevie Nicks boho hippie to Captain and the Gypsy Kid beach chill to Anna Dello Russo inspired insane glam. If only I had their wardrobe budgets! 

How has your style evolved over time? 

OH GOD! How hasn’t it evolved!? I feel as though I’ve always dressed to express who I want to be. Even now, I choose an outfit that says something about how I am feeling that day and what I want to communicate to the world. But my budget is now a little more flexible, and my research more extensive! 

Your outfits are adventurous, glamorous and fun - what are you influenced by? Celebrities, high fashion, art, Instagram?

All of the above! I am a firm believe in outfit research and am inspired by so many things. I will spend hours scouring Insta and magazines and then days after thinking about all the possible outfit combinations that a particular piece will afford me. Then I will purchase!

You probably own more bikinis than anyone else I know, what’s your advice on picking a flattering one?

Hmm... I don’t think I have quite figured this out yet. The downside of shopping for clothes that express something (like art!) is that I don’t really shop to flatter my body, it’s not a priority. Though it probably should be! 

Does working in advertising give you extra leeway when it comes to what you can wear to work? I was super impressed by your pyjama ensemble.

DEFINITELY! My husband is constantly shocked when I stroll through the door after a day at work - he can’t believe how I get away with wearing some of the things I do. And people at work have nicknamed me SB (SideBoob) because of my love for the exposed bra! Not many industries where you could get away with bra action at the office. 

You have some pretty outrageous pieces - like your multicoloured shaggy jacket to flared, high-waisted pants - what’s your approach to wearing something really out there?

CONFIDENCE! The only important thing is that you feel good in your outfit and other people will quickly form the same opinion of it that you have! Or at the very least will admire how brave you are for attempting it :)

Is there anything you wouldn’t wear? 


I asked you so many questions when I was on the hunt for a wedding dress. Can you tell me about yours and how you decided on it? 

I still dream about wearing my Oscar again. My wedding dress was the quintessential Cinderella dress - a jungle of tulle, ribbons and scalloped lace. Sometimes I wish I had gone down the ‘sexy’ route, but then I remember the moment when my husband spun me around the room and I felt like I was flying in a cloud of tulle. That was pretty special. Plus, I have loved Oscar De LaRenta for a long time and being able to wear one of his designs on my wedding day just added more gravity to the day (I know how ridiculous that sounds!).

What's your approach to hair and make-up?

Definitely an afterthought! Because I wear some pretty out there clothes I tend to keep hair and makeup very very simple. I don’t even blow dry my hair! For my hair, I wash and air dry everyday, and a light foundation, mascara and eyeliner for the face. Perhaps a tinted lip if I am feeling extravagant! 

What about accessories? I think it’s really funny that the Furla candy bag you brought back from your honeymoon inspired three of our girlfriends to get one - me included!

Like my clothes, I think accessories work as statement pieces. I figure the crazier it is, the more it will go with pretty everything in your wardrobe! You haven’t seen my latest purchase - an amazing Givenchy tote bag with a giant Rottweiler print on it. It goes with EVERYTHING and is my new everyday bag! 

I’d love to know what you’d wear to the gym or to walk your pup Beatrix?   

Activewear :) My latest faves are a bright red pair of Stella McCartney for Adidas trainers, black tights from Le Mode Sportif and a grey tight singlet top. Very practical! In winter, I love a good puffer jacket and found a divine printed Gorman number this season... bringing my love of a good statement piece to my activewear wardrobe!

What about for a night out?

A good pair of Gucci stilettos (who needs to walk!), and some kind of whimsical dress or boyfriend jeans with a very revealing top (I don’t have anything to reveal anyway!). 

What’s your go-to wedding outfit?

Love a good Camilla kaftan! I chuck over my Acne leather jacket or fur coat in winter, and a big pair of chandelier earrings, bright lip and slicked hair in summer! 

What would you wear on a lazy Sunday if you’re hanging around at home?

Can’t go past a bit of urban wear. I love Bassike for their soft cottons and baggy pants, but also have a couple of matching Adidas and Zoe Karssen tracksuits I can’t go past. 

Finally, you always look really happy in photos - what's your trick?

I cop so much flak for my ‘pose’ face - head tilted down to avoid any double chin in pics! Everyone hates it! But hey, there’s only room for one chin in my life.

Thank you Irini! This hilarious illustration by her friend and former work mate Maria. You can find Irini on Instagram and more style features here.

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