A holiday packing tip

15 December 2015

Are you going anywhere fun for Christmas? Here's the simplest thing that keeps me organised when I'm travelling - a bunch of drawstring bags.

Earlier this year my friend Vanessa sent me a really thoughtful homemade gift - two drawstring bags for packing pairs of shoes. They come with me on every trip and to work too if I'm cycling and carrying work clothes. I have one or two others that I use to keep things separate, mainly small things like underwear and socks, or anything that could get tangled.

One year I made Tony a giant drawstring bag for laundry when he was on an artist residency and away from home. It's so big that we share it when we're away - it even came to New York with us. We used the New York wash and fold service and our clothes would come back squashed into a cube!

I bought my cute cat's pyjamas bag is from Mozi and I also have a great waterproof one that came with a  Lululemon bag my sister gave me (it's so good for gym clothes). They're also simple to make and some shops will use them in place of plastic bags.

Finally - a silly list I started on my phone of the important things I forgot to pack to consult before my next trip: an umbrella, deodorant (!), face cream, a laundry bag, hair product, water, mini tissues and a warm jacket.

P.S - Don't forget to check the weather forecast :)

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