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20 November 2015

Hello from the Blue Mountains :) In between finishing up at work and our move to Canberra next week, we decided to take a mini-holiday. Best decision ever. We've loved waking up late, going for walks and browsing a few favourite shops. I managed to save my copy of Lunch Lady magazine for this trip and adore it. Here are a few links for your weekend, have a great one:

Front door envy.

The simple pizza dough we've been making every week.

Amy Schumer speaks her mind.

Loving the new Blank Goods range - teeny tiny stickers, this Christmas stamp and special boxes for baked goods.

The very best chocolate cake (here's how mine compared).

A moving story from the ground - Paris The Day After via Garry.

And just in case you haven't seen it, a French father and his five-year-old son discuss the terrorist attacks.

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