Big news

12 November 2015

We're on the move. In less than three weeks we'll be leaving Wagga Wagga for Canberra so that I can start a new job. When my friend Vanessa found out she said she was sadcited - a combination of sad and excited. I am too!

We've spent close to five years living in Wagga Wagga and it feels like home. I've seen babies grow up and made new friends who now feel like family. Since we've lived here, we've been engaged and then married, kicked some career goals we never dreamed of, and learnt how to be part of a community too.

But I am excited about a new home (and one near IKEA no less!) and a new job. We've spent a bit of time in Canberra this year and I love that it's packed with great cafes and things to do - like cat film festivals (!) and off-beat food fairs.

So now we pack. I've done three boxes so far and broke into one of them hours later! In the coming weeks we'll be cycling around town, catching up with everyone we can fit in and getting ready to say goodbye. There have been no tears yet but I have a feeling they're just around the corner.

P.S This little rainbow appeared on Tony's shirt after a hectic day of house hunting in Canberra :)

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  1. Big and exciting news, tinged with sadness. I am looking forward to experiencing Canberra through you!