Weekend links

30 October 2015

It's going to storm over the weekend, which means our camping trip is on hold but we're still going to catch up with friends to cook cheesy hot potatoes and make s'mores - I can't wait. Have a lovely weekend, here are some links to keep you entertained:

A pretty and affordable calendar for 2016.

Worthwhile problems.

A banana split - with donuts!

An ode to quick getaways.

The The New Yorker Radio Hour has started and the first episode was great.

The best (and tiniest) wedding car.

My favourite TV show is back - and has a cool online only spin-off too.

family photo shoot gone wrong.

And Making Families Happy :) has started. I cried at the end of Making Couples Happy when it aired a few years ago!

Photo by @luxeandthelady - her Instagram account always makes my day :)

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