Weekend links

09 October 2015

We're going to a special birthday party this weekend - my gorgeous niece is turning two! Tony helped me choose a present for her (after I went a bit too practical with a dress and a cup), and I can't wait to see her face when she sees it. While we're in town I'm also hoping to go for a swim and meet my friend's newborn baby. Have a fun weekend:

This salad looks amazing.

A super colourful home that used to be a car workshop.

A cannoli cake!

One woman's brave story.

Love this outfit.

A Woody Allen gem from the 90's that we watched over the long weekend.

Behind-the-scenes details from the BBC's Pride and Prejudice, which was released 20 years ago! I remember watching it on VHS, when my sister was studying the book in high school.

And something to watch - Lena Dunham's Tiny Furniture is on SBS On Demand.

These beautiful paper flowers arrived in the mail from Jennifer. She's so kind.


  1. And Spirt of the Land festival in Lockhart this Saturday and Sunday