Four things

08 October 2015

I wanted to share the little things that are bringing me joy lately, beginning with salt and vinegar popcorn. I picked up a bag in Sydney a few weeks back and cannot get enough. It's also warm enough to read on the porch again, I've just starting reading this book, which my friend Sean gave me for my birthday.

These homegrown blooms from my friend Sophie's flower farm. Did you know that ranunculus respond to UV light and open and close accordingly? Or as I like to think of it, they're flowers that go to sleep at night :)

Duck eggs from our local farmers markets. My father-in-law introduced me to them, and I love them for being extra yoke-y. I baked this cake with them, after a few people told me that they're especially great in cakes.

And finally, this miniature ricotta cake that my brother recommended for the long drive home to Wagga Wagga. I'm not usually one for cheesecakes but this one was insanely good. I'm even tempted to try this recipe and make it at home.

I hope this week is treating you well. If not, there's only a couple of sleeps until the weekend :)

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