Desktop - Jennifer Tran, Papetal

05 October 2015

Today, a new series to coincide with the start of the working week that will give you a glimpse into someone else's work life and desk space. First up, I'm excited to introduce you to Jennifer Tran, who works under the name Papetal to create intricate paper sculptures that replicate the colour and beauty of real-life flowers:

'My interest in paper flowers started when I came across a book called Paper to Petal by Rebecca Thuss and Patrick Farrell in 2013. Most of what I know about flower-making came from this book, even the name "Papetal" is derived from its title.

I like to call myself a flowersmith because the term reflects my focus on the technicality of flower-making. I simply admire what Mother Nature has created and replicate her designs in paper. 

At the moment, I am focusing my passion and energy on body adornments. Since I met Richard Aloisio, the art director of The New York Times, on Instagram I have been so inspired by him to study fashion, particularly couture. I have been making wearable pieces from delicate corsages to flamboyant and elaborate flower crowns. I am hoping to have another exhibition on my couture pieces in the next few months.'

Thank you Jennifer. You can stay up to date with her amazing creations on Instagram and she also blogs about her process and latest creations.

Photo by Jennifer Tran.

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