White shoes for Spring

16 September 2015

I couldn't wait to pack my boots away for another year in favour of these bright white sneakers. I've had my eye on a pair for awhile and love how summery and comfy they look. Finally, a shoe trend I can get behind :)

I bought a pair of Vans and have seen similar styles here and here. Or if you wanted a pair of sneakers that you could walk around in all day without feeling a thing, the most comfortable sneakers I've ever owned now come in white.

And something funny - wearing white shoes makes me a bit more elegant. I don't kick them off when I get home and when I'm wearing them I'm a bit more careful about how I walk. As a back up, I've also use this special shoe spray from time to time, and leave my shoes outside to bleach on a sunny day - it really works!

P.S I love treating myself to one new dress each season, and currently have my eye on this one.

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