Staying on top of things

14 September 2015

How is September treating you? Last week was a bit wobbly for me. I worked long hours, Tony was still away and there was little time to exercise, which is one of my main stress busters. By Wednesday, I was exhausted and emotional and so I decided to spend some time chilling out at home.

I made vegetable stock, a hearty soup and a few loaves of bread. I watched a movie and ate ice cream. I slept in and in the mornings, opened up as many windows as I could to let the light and cool air in. I did some spring cleaning too, seeing to my wardrobe, rearranging my cookbooks (!) and updating my bedside table.

By Saturday morning I felt like myself again, refreshed and cheery instead of vulnerable and sad. It was a relief and a good reminder to take time out and be kind to myself. I'd love to know what helps you unwind after a busy or stressful period. This time of year always seems to be a bit crazy.

P.S What do you get up to when you're home alone?


  1. Is that a gold heart frame on your table? I have an old one of those as well! It contains a photo of me as a child in a poppy costume.

    1. It is indeed!! And so funny and lovely to hear you have the same one! Mine has me and my mum in one heart, and my sister in the other. We have so many framed photos where we're wearing the same or similar outfits :)

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