Miranda July's first novel

03 September 2015

Do you like Miranda July? I'm a big fan of the wildly imaginative artist, writer and director and have just finished her new book, The First Bad Man.

Like her earlier films and books, The First Bad Man is packed with offbeat characters who are surprisingly relatable at times. There are some beautiful and hard truths in this novel, and while I found it a bit perverse to begin with, it became a tender story about falling in love and becoming a parent that I didn't want to end.

I've been trying to save money and borrowed a copy from the library but I will probably cave soon and buy it, to complete my collection of Miranda July books :) And just for fun, here's a clip that came out with her 2011 film The Future. I loved it, talking cat and all:

The film's companion book It Chooses You is really great too, it's non-fiction and you can read excerpts here.

P.S - It's finally warm enough to read outside again and I've recently found a sweet new cider that doesn't make me go bright red!

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