Greta Gerwig's new movie

24 September 2015

This week I finally got around to watching Frances Ha, which was co-written by Greta Gerwig who also stars in the film. I loved it - it was fun, a tiny bit awkward and surprisingly sincere, and I can't wait for her new movie to come out.

I'm hoping Mistress America is as real and as Woody Allen-esque as her first film, which had the best soundtrack. Here's the trailer:

Her first movie made me think about what Girls could be, where the leading lady is endearing and earnest while she's still trying to work things out, and I was surprised to learn that Gerwig once auditioned for Gossip Girl.

P.S You can watch Frances Ha for free on SBS On Demand at the moment. And here's a cute illustrated interview she did recently with The New York Times.

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