Alison's gorgeous family photos

01 September 2015

My friend Alison has the most beautiful professional photos of her growing family. Today, the make-up artist and mother-of-two shares her tips for feeling confident and natural in front of a camera, even if you've just had a baby.

Photographer: Peppermint studios

You have some stunning family photos - what prompted you to start taking them?

I have always loved photography - the way an artist can capture a moment in all its crisp glory has always amazed me. After I got married I decided that our wedding day wouldn't be the only moment ‘special’ enough to warrant professional photos - I wanted to capture the life stages of my growing family. I also have a very active and creative mind that thinks up crazy photo shoot ideas, and I love that photographers take my ideas and run with them! 

Photographer: Lauren Campbell

What do you love about the photos you've had taken so far? Do you have any favourites?

I love the way the photographs manage to capture my gorgeous boys at the cutest moments, without all the blurry bits that I get when I try to take a picture of them! It's hard to say what my favourite photos are as each session is capturing a different stage of mine and my partner's life. 

You always look gorgeous and confident - do you have any tips for anyone who may be nervous about posing for a professional photographer?

That is such a lovely compliment but professional photographers are the most amazing people to have capture your family moments because they make you look good - they won't post any unflattering angles! A lot of photographers these days focus on capturing natural moments so you don't feel awkward and posed. 

Do you have any tips for picking a great outfit or bold accessory?

Just stick to your own personal style, there is no point feeling awkward and not yourself in a professional photo shoot. I personally love the opportunity to get dressed up and I always love wearing flowers in my hair! I just try to make sure that there aren’t any logos on the boys clothing, and that the colours match.

Lastly, I'd love to know what has changed since you became a mother-of-two? 

Time management has gone out the window! I have never been the best at being on time but now people need to tell me to arrive at least an hour earlier, just so I get there on time! But really, I can't believe the amount one person can love. I feel so so blessed to have these two gorgeous little boys, they both make my heart smile. They already have the cutest bond and I love how the dynamic has changed now that the boys have each other. 

Thank you Alison! I've been asking Alison for make-up tips ever since we met, over 4 years ago. She's now sharing beauty tips on her blog, which I highly recommend. Alison even travelled to Sydney to do my wedding make-up :)

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