A father's sweet photography project

28 September 2015

Ever since his daughter Iris was a baby, graphic designer Paul Andrews has been snapping photos from her perspective and posting them on Instagram with the caption 'Iris’s view'. Paul’s partner Ana and I are friends from work, and I’ve loved seeing their daughter grow up via the series. Today, Paul shares how he started posting the photos and how long he plans to keep it up:

For people who haven't been following along, what is Iris's view? 

Iris’s view is on my Instagram account, it's what my 17-month-old daughter sees via my phone. Her view of the world.

Where did the idea for the series come from? 

I didn't have an idea for this at all, it just happened one day. When Iris was three weeks old, she would lay on me and gaze up at the pictures which are above our sofa, so I just snapped what she was gazing at and that was it.

How often do you post new photos? 

I don't post photos that frequently but ever since you asked me about this project I have been more active! Sometimes I don't post anything for a week or two, I’m just letting this thing grow organically.

There are some really creative shots in there, like Iris's view from the bath of her mum Ana - you must have a lot of fun taking them and thinking up new ideas for shots. 

That one was fun, I probably couldn’t do that shot now, Iris would have my phone in a flash and be dunking it. A lot of the time I don't think too much about the shot, I just take it, I'm not really trying to make a great shot or great composition, it's just about what Iris is seeing. 

I have also been doing a photo a day for the past five years, in that project I generally think a little bit more about the composition, but I generally don't choose the most interesting shot but the one which means the most to me for that day. With Iris's view I just want it to be a feeling of what she is experiencing, which sometimes is just the leaves on a tree or her favourite book.

The photos have changed subtly, from point-of-view shots when she was a newborn, to her hand pointing at things or doing things now that she's a toddler. Will the shots keep changing as she grows? 

I hope so. Now when I take a photo Iris wants to see what I'm photographing so she's getting more involved. Sometimes she sees me pull out the phone and says ‘No, no, no!’ So I guess having a phone blocking your view is a pain... I'm going to make a book of all of these shots and give it Iris when she's a bit older.

How long do you hope to keep it up? 

Until Iris has had enough of that phone being in her face. Or she starts doing it herself which is what I hope she will do.

Thanks Paul! Paul is a Dubbo-based graphic designer who also dabbles in video and illustration. He’s currently focusing on a drawing show that will be on exhibition at the Western Plains Cultural Centre in 2016.

Photos by Paul Andrews.

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