A father's sweet photography project

28 September 2015

Ever since his daughter Iris was a baby, graphic designer Paul Andrews has been snapping photos from her perspective and posting them on Instagram with the caption 'Iris’s view'. Paul’s partner Ana and I are friends from work, and I’ve loved seeing their daughter grow up via the series. Today, Paul shares how he started posting the photos and how long he plans to keep it up:

Weekend links

25 September 2015

Last weekend was so much fun, my friend Irini put on this incredible spread for a lazy afternoon hangout, and I'm hoping this weekend will be just as refreshing :) We're off to Sydney for Tony's exhibition opening and I'm hoping to visit this tiny bakery and spend some time by the sea. Have a wonderful weekend,  here are 10 things to keep you busy:

A really fun gift shop via Sophie.

The chocolate cake that cures everything.

A fascinating insight into what it's like to be a book editor.

So good - 'I'm too old for this shit.'

This minimalist magazine cover (and the family slice special inside!).

quick and healthy meal we made this week via my friend Suze. I swapped out the chickpeas for ramen style noodles.

Some thoughts on happiness in everyday life, with cameos from a few of my favourite bloggers.

A novel way to stay crafty.

And something lovely, a bride who photographed her own wedding via Caryn.

Greta Gerwig's new movie

24 September 2015

This week I finally got around to watching Frances Ha, which was co-written by Greta Gerwig who also stars in the film. I loved it - it was fun, a tiny bit awkward and surprisingly sincere, and I can't wait for her new movie to come out.

I'm hoping Mistress America is as real and as Woody Allen-esque as her first film, which had the best soundtrack. Here's the trailer:

Her first movie made me think about what Girls could be, where the leading lady is endearing and earnest while she's still trying to work things out, and I was surprised to learn that Gerwig once auditioned for Gossip Girl.

P.S You can watch Frances Ha for free on SBS On Demand at the moment. And here's a cute illustrated interview she did recently with The New York Times.

Popping up in Tony's iPad drawings

22 September 2015

I am forever using my phone to take photos of my everyday life, from yummy meals to weekend adventures and baking successes but I can't remember the last time Tony took a photo with his phone. Instead, he prefers to draw things he has seen and wants to remember.

Weekend links

18 September 2015

What are you getting up to this weekend? After another big week at work I'm looking forward to catching up with friends. I'll be visiting my friend's new home (I'm bringing rose and corn chips) and going to a special crab restaurant for dinner. I can't wait. Here are a handful of links to keep you busy:

Three clever women discuss their addiction to The Bachelor.

The 7 rules of compliment club.

A brave brave story by my friend Brad.

So true.

New books for small friends.

A fun gallery - couples now and then.

Donut envy.

And something exciting, The Good Food Guide 2016 is out and I'm listed as one of the reviewers, right next to Terry Durack no less :)

White shoes for Spring

16 September 2015

I couldn't wait to pack my boots away for another year in favour of these bright white sneakers. I've had my eye on a pair for awhile and love how summery and comfy they look. Finally, a shoe trend I can get behind :)

I bought a pair of Vans and have seen similar styles here and here. Or if you wanted a pair of sneakers that you could walk around in all day without feeling a thing, the most comfortable sneakers I've ever owned now come in white.

And something funny - wearing white shoes makes me a bit more elegant. I don't kick them off when I get home and when I'm wearing them I'm a bit more careful about how I walk. As a back up, I've also use this special shoe spray from time to time, and leave my shoes outside to bleach on a sunny day - it really works!

P.S I love treating myself to one new dress each season, and currently have my eye on this one.

Staying on top of things

14 September 2015

How is September treating you? Last week was a bit wobbly for me. I worked long hours, Tony was still away and there was little time to exercise, which is one of my main stress busters. By Wednesday, I was exhausted and emotional and so I decided to spend some time chilling out at home.

I made vegetable stock, a hearty soup and a few loaves of bread. I watched a movie and ate ice cream. I slept in and in the mornings, opened up as many windows as I could to let the light and cool air in. I did some spring cleaning too, seeing to my wardrobe, rearranging my cookbooks (!) and updating my bedside table.

By Saturday morning I felt like myself again, refreshed and cheery instead of vulnerable and sad. It was a relief and a good reminder to take time out and be kind to myself. I'd love to know what helps you unwind after a busy or stressful period. This time of year always seems to be a bit crazy.

P.S What do you get up to when you're home alone?

Weekend links

11 September 2015

I have some lovely new books to enjoy this weekend, including my friend Ebony's craft book, which has finally arrived in Wagga Wagga. I'm also planning to watch the film adaptation of Wild - I hope it's good because I adored the book. I may also be sampling this double peanut butter ice cream bar :) Have a great weekend, here are 10 links to keep you busy:

A super fun dress.

16 podcasts hosted by women.

clever way to use up pasta odds and ends.

Is Facebook becoming the gatekeeper of news?

Stop the violence.

A bright white Brooklyn apartment and the sweetest craft project.

How to survive magpie season.

Viewing life's challenges as a video game.

A journal that always surprises me.

And something exciting, Tony had a special visitor at the Sydney Contemporary art fair this week. Thanks for sharing the snap Lee Tran!

Pink grapefruit and orange juice

10 September 2015

I love ordering freshly squeezed juice when I'm out for breakfast and this week I've been making pink grapefruit and orange juice at home. It's super easy and makes my mornings feel a bit more festive.

I've been squeezing one pink grapefruit and an orange if it's just me, and if Tony's home, I'll add an orange or two. On the weekend, I'd drink it with a fresh croissant, or this easy egg roll. On weekdays, it makes my bowl of Weet-Bix seem that little bit cheerier :)

A laid-back first anniversary

08 September 2015

Tony and I celebrated our first wedding anniversary over the weekend and it was so much fun! We decided to have a simple celebratory weekend at home, which was a lovely break after weeks of travel.

We stuck to tradition and exchanged paper inspired gifts, and I couldn't stop laughing at our almost matching wrapping paper. Tony gave me three cookbooks I've been eyeing off for ages, along with three special drawings he made himself.

I gave Tony a tea strainer and two framed poems that were written on our New York honeymoon by a guy who was writing and selling poems on the sidewalk. He wrote one on the theme honeymoon and another about adventure, and we're planning to hang them above our bedside tables.

Sunday was so lovely and warm and we walked into town to have lunch at one of our favourite cafes. At night, Tony made a much-loved pasta and I baked a strawberry and coconut cake, which was one of our wedding cake flavours. With a gifted bottle of fancy champagne, it felt equal parts cosy and celebratory :) We had such a great day and by 11pm, Tony was already looking up what the present theme was for our second anniversary - it's cotton!

P.S Do you celebrate anniversaries?

Wedding photo by Wattle + Lace.

Weekend links

04 September 2015

How nice is spring? Even though we've had a few rainy days in Wagga Wagga this week, when the sun has come up it has been glorious and warm. I'm wearing a t-shirt to work today (!) and am looking forward to spending a whole weekend at home. I'm going to sleep in, bake an anniversary cake and go for a few walks. I hope you have a great weekend, here are a bunch of discoveries from this week:

A funny last-minute gift for kids.

A cheat's guide to tidying up.

Joy the Baker now has her own recipe app.

Fancy rooftop camping in Melbourne.

'I have never felt so shy in my life.'

How to brew sticky chai.

An exciting TV series that started this week.

A gorgeous (and simple) birthday surprise.

An easy weeknight pasta (it's vego too).

And a surprising interview with comedian Greg Fleet who shares what it was like to live and work with a heroin addiction.

P.S How great is my clay pug? My friend Alice made it for my birthday :)

Miranda July's first novel

03 September 2015

Do you like Miranda July? I'm a big fan of the wildly imaginative artist, writer and director and have just finished her new book, The First Bad Man.

Like her earlier films and books, The First Bad Man is packed with offbeat characters who are surprisingly relatable at times. There are some beautiful and hard truths in this novel, and while I found it a bit perverse to begin with, it became a tender story about falling in love and becoming a parent that I didn't want to end.

I've been trying to save money and borrowed a copy from the library but I will probably cave soon and buy it, to complete my collection of Miranda July books :) And just for fun, here's a clip that came out with her 2011 film The Future. I loved it, talking cat and all:

The film's companion book It Chooses You is really great too, it's non-fiction and you can read excerpts here.

P.S - It's finally warm enough to read outside again and I've recently found a sweet new cider that doesn't make me go bright red!

A week of saying yes

02 September 2015

Last week was really fun because I ditched my routine and said yes to everything I was invited to. So instead of working my way through my to-do list (which I secretly love doing), I saw three art exhibitions, ate meals at odd hours and found myself making caramel sauce for a dinner party in another town.

After a few busy task-focussed weeks, it was the best reminder to leave room for spontaneity. And napping :) I'd love to know if you have anything that is guaranteed to snap you out of your routine, I'll drop almost anything if there's a chance to Skype my niece.

Alison's gorgeous family photos

01 September 2015

My friend Alison has the most beautiful professional photos of her growing family. Today, the make-up artist and mother-of-two shares her tips for feeling confident and natural in front of a camera, even if you've just had a baby.