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28 August 2015

Happy weekend! I'm back in Canberra and am looking forward to exploring the city on foot tomorrow while Tony is at work. I'm planning to choose a birthday present for a friend, watch a movie (I'm going to see this and probably cry) and go somewhere delicious for lunch. I can't wait! Here are 8 things I found and loved this week:

beautiful holiday sketch from NYC.

Why it's never too late.

A French walnut tart for the last days of winter.

The fun new album that I've been listening to non-stop.

Life as a twin.

sweet idea for spring.

brilliant audio book that I just finished, which author Jon Ronson narrates himself.

And on my to-read list for this weekend, The Rise of 'Mama', the re-branding of the modern mother.

Have a wonderful weekend :)

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