Three days in Adelaide

20 August 2015

We've heard so many great things about Adelaide over the last few years and were excited to check out the city after exploring South Australia's wine country last month. We stayed in a great apartment in North Adelaide, which had cute cafes like E for Ethel and was an easy half hour walk into town.

We spent an afternoon at the Art Gallery of South Australia, where we found some hidden gems amongst what had looked like a collection of European style history paintings. I especially loved two video works, Richard Lewer's Worse luck I am still here, which I watched a few times over and a surreal 40 minute piece by AES+F group from Russia called Allegoria Sacra - I managed to watch the entire thing from start to finish, I was totally captivated. Tony also led the way to Greenaway Gallery, a contemporary art space in the suburb of Kent Town.

On the food front, we loved Maid Mice, which serves Vietnamese-inspired burgers and really great fries. My only regret is not going with the burger banquet option, it was so delicious! We spent a bit of time stocking up on clothes in the city and loved Monday's Coffee Store and The Beigelry for New York inspired bagels and apple pie soda. Of a night, Clever Little Taylor was a lovely spot for a drink. We discovered Rundle Street East a little late in our stay but loved the look of all the cafes (a few hidden away in Ebenezer Place) and fancy shops.

Before we began the long drive home, we stopped by the beach where we saw a dolphin playing in the sea :) We'd love to come back one day to check out a few things we missed, like the Adelaide Hills and Samstag Museum. I'd also love to check out the Adelaide Festival, the South Australian Living Artists Festival and try out this foodie guide to Adelaide, discovered a month too late.

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