The spare loaf

24 August 2015

I've been getting back into bread making, it's fast becoming a favourite weekend ritual and because my recipe makes two loaves, I've started giving a loaf away to a different friend each week.

It's an idea that I've pinched from Kristy, who gave away so many homemade sourdoughs that when she moved to Perth, I ordered a special bread stamp to brand paper bags as her going away gift. Kristy would often give me a spare loaf on a Friday when she came into town, and I was always so grateful and excited to collect it. She's even sent me a loaf express post from Perth!

At home, we jokingly call the spare loaf the friendship loaf and this week Tony asked if he could give it to a friend at work. I have to say that giving something to someone, whether it's a card, a surprise parcel or homemade cookies, always fills me with a special kind of purpose and joy.

But back to the bread, I've dabbled in bread making before, and can highly recommend The Bread and Butter project cookbook, which comes from the people who set up Bourke Street Bakery. Kristy lent me her copy and it makes bread as good as I could buy. A jar of hand-me-down starter (thanks Amy!) makes for a good head start too.

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