Happy hands

18 August 2015

I treated myself to a birthday manicure last week and feeling a bit embarrassed about my dry winter hands, I asked the beautician how I might fix them. She suggested two simple things:

Exfoliate your hands twice a week

I am forever putting on hand cream and learnt that this only really works if you exfoliate regularly, otherwise you're just putting cream on top of dead skin cells (!). She recommended using a body scrub (rather than a face scrub) twice a week and taking special care to exfoliate your fingers and in between them too.

Choose an oil-based hand cream 

In the salon this was shea butter, which is meant to be great for cuticles too. I've started using this coconut balm, which is 100% coconut oil and not too expensive. It's really long lasting, even if I am constantly washing my hands. My beautician says regular coconut oil that you use for cooking is fine too and will save you from buying something extra.

Winter can be a bit of a tough season, I'd love to know if you have any of your own quick fixes of pick-me-ups. This homemade sugar scrub for night time baths sounds lovely.

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