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17 July 2015

While I normally dread winter, I've been so excited about the cold snap that started last weekend. Breathing in the super cold air makes me feel so awake and alert. We're back on the road again this weekend, in Sydney this time to see family and for the Archibald Prize announcement :) I can't wait to eat Mexican food with friends and give my little niece a squeeze - I'll be posting a few pics on Instagram. I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Hayao Miyazaki has another film in the works!

Should we be more critical of the Pill?

A puppy in the snow.

My magic new scarf.

How to go slow.

I made my lemon delicious this week and it was great! Thank you to Amy for sharing her favourite recipe for a sticky lemon pudding.

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  1. The news about Miyazaki brightened up my day. Loved the post. Now I'm going to try to avoid freezing to death.